The List of 45 Things


1. Visit all 50 states in the US (blog posts) (completed: 3rd July, 2017)

2. Set foot on all 7 continents (blog posts)

3. Tango in Buenos Aires (blog posts(completed: 18th March, 2016)

4. See a football match at Estádio do Maracanã, Rio, Brazil (blog posts) (completed: 14th August, 2013)

5. Practice yoga in India (blog posts(completed: 17th November, 2013)

6. Visit parents’ hometowns (completed: 23th November, 2017)


7. Dine at Noma (Chef René Redzepi), Copenhagen, Denmark (blog posts(completed: 10th September, 2014)

8. Eat Tai Ping Koon’s Portuguese Chicken, Hong Kong (my childhood favorite)  (blog posts(completed: 18th March, 2015)

9. Create my own gourmet 5-course meal and serve it to friends

10. Try vegetarianism for a month (blog posts(completed: 1st March, 2013)

11. Compete in a cooking contest (blog posts(completed: 20th May, 2017)


12. Earn an additional graduate degree (blog posts(completed: 17th December, 2017)

13. Get tenure or promotion  (blog posts(completed: 1st August, 2014)

14. Give a kickass presentation (blog posts(completed)

15. Become an expert in multiple disciplines – Publish articles or present at conferences in 5 different fields. (blog posts)

Self Improvement

16. Learn Thai massage (blog post(completed: 9th May, 2014)

17. Be confident (and proficient) in driving a stick shift (completed: 5th March, 2016)

18. Learn a new word every week and use that word at least 5 times that week  

Learn 150 interesting words (amended June, 2013) (blog posts)

19. Learn how to iron a shirt (trousers and jackets would a bonus) (blog posts) (completed: 18th May, 2015)

20. Be comfortable at at least one ballroom dance  (blog posts) (completed: 18th March, 2016)

21. Learn CPR (blog posts(completed: 24th April, 2013)

Courage/Conquering Fear

22. Skiing

23. Conquer the fear of doing a handstand (blog posts) (completed: 5th May, 2015)

24. Jump out of a plane (preferably with a parachute)  (blog posts(completed: 21st March, 2013)

25. Give camping a try (completed: 23rd December, 2014)


26. Record an audio book for the blind(amended March, 2014)

27. Give Thai massage to at least 5 people (for free) (blog posts(completed: 6th, June, 2014)

28. Give money to RadioLab at least once a year (blog posts(completed: 11th December, 2012)

29. Mentor someone (blog post) (Started and now ongoing)

30. Volunteer for worthy causes (blog post) (completed: 21st October, 2015)

31. Be aware of praiseworthy situations and efforts, and pay sincere compliments to people (blog posts(completed)

Artistic Creation

32. Publish a short story

33. Write a screenplay 

34. Create a photo-essay or a video-essay (amended June, 2013) (blog posts) (completed: 14th June, 2013)

35. Write a book


36. Achieve and maintain ideal weight (blog posts(completed: 6th January, 2017)

37. Be able to do splits (blog posts(completed: 21st March, 2014)

38. Completely revamp my wardrobe (blog posts(completed: 1st January, 2017)

39. Run a 5K (blog posts) (completed: 31st August, 2013)

No Regrets – just things I have to do

40. Play Championship Manager for 2 weeks straight without any distractions 

Play Football Manager for 80 hours (= 2 work week’s worth) (amended December, 2016) (completed: 2nd January, 2017)

41. Hold a baby panda while wearing my panda t-shirt (and take a picture of this special occasion) (blog post) (completed: 21st October, 2015)

42. Value chance encounters and take initiatives to get to know interesting people (blog posts(completed)

43. See Leo Messi play in person (blog posts(completed: 10th June, 2016)

44. Have my portrait painted Have myself 3D printed (amended May, 2015) (completed: 21st July, 2015)(blog posts)

45. Successfully start a slow clap  (completed: 19th January, 2018)

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