About Me (2012)

One of the purposes of this project is for me to become a “me” that I aspire to be, which means that this About Me section would most likely change in the next 5 years.  That being said, I believe that it would be useful for my readers to know just a little bit about me. You can read my professional bio on my LinkedIn page. Perhaps something different here:

Let’s say I ran into James Lipton and I insisted that he asked me those questions at the end of each episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio.

1. What is your favorite word? A Chinese word: 貓 or māo, which means “cat”.

2. What is your least favorite word? “Specific”. I have such a hard time saying the word. Unless I concentrate hard, it usually comes out “spspspspecicicific…”. An even worse word: “specificities”.

3. What turns you on? Creativity.

4. What turns you off? Rudeness.

5. What sound do you love? The trilled “R” sound.

6. What sound do you hate? A fork scratching on a ceramic plate. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

7. What is your favorite curse word? Fuck. (So fucking unimaginative).

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? I’d LOVE to host a travel/food show.

9. What profession would you not like to do? I think I would be an useless soldier.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? “This beats what you believed in, doesn’t it?”



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