Goal 18: Learn 150 interesting words – The First 25



1. Fabulist – 1. a person who invents or relates fables. 2.a liar.

In a sentence: “I’m thinking about writing a screenplay called Fabulist Fabulist. It would be perfect for Jim Carey”

2. Bathetic – displaying or characterized by bathos.

3. Harridan – a scolding, vicious woman; hag; shrew.

4. Ataraxia – a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

5. Franchise – the right to vote.

6. Disbosom – to reveal; confess.

7. Potvaliancy (noun) – Brave only as a result of being drunk.

8. Empurple – To color or become purple or purplish.

9. Algid (adj.) – cold; chilly.

10. Compotation – an act or instance of drinking or tippling together.

11. Exordium – the beginning of anything.

12. Pseudology – Lying considered as an art.

13. Kibitzer – a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice.

14. Hypnopompic (adj) – Of or pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness.

15. Lollapalooza (noun) – an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event.

16. Bibelot (noun) – a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.

17. Mondegreen \MON-di-green\ (noun): A word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.

In a sentence: The mondegreens in “We built this city on logs and coal” are more practical than the original Starship lyrics.

18. Machinate \MAK-uh-neyt\ (verb): to contrive or plot, especially artfully or with evil purpose.

In a sentence: Thilda, the cat whom I cohabited with for several years, machinates a lot!

19. Imprest (noun): an advance of money; loan

In a sentence: I will totally need an imprest to go to Antarctica!

20. Aleatory (adj) – Dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome.

21. Wonk – 1) A stupid, boring, or unattractive person; 2) a student who spends much time studying and has little or no social life.

22. Codger (noun) – an eccentric man, especially one who is old.

In a sentence: I will certainly be an codger.

23. Sprechgesang \SHPREKH-guh-zahng\ (noun) – a vocal style intermediate between speech and singing but without exact pitch intonation.

Barack Obama does sprechgesang. 🙂

24. Dysania – The state of having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.

25. Frisson – the chills you get when you listen to awesome music.

In a sentence: Frisson happens at the final 2 notes (2:43), every time.

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