Goal #28: Give money to RadioLab

I always make sure that I have several RadioLab podcasts on my ipod whenever I have to drive long distance. While listening to music is fine for a couple of hours, a RadioLab episode can make the journey seem so much shorter.

For those of you who don’t know, Radiolab is a radio program produced by WNYC, a public radio station in New York City, and uses compelling storytelling to discuss scientific and philosophic topics. They explore big ideas and ask big questions about how the world works. But honestly it’s much more fun and interesting than my lame descriptions. The more I listen to them, the I marvel at their storytelling techniques. You are engaged from the first minute to the last. I cannot remember a single less than wonderful episode. Oh how I wish  my old science teachers were this good at arousing interests in science!

If you have never listened to RadioLab, here is an episode called Falling ( love the part about falling cats 🙂 about 23mins in):

RadioLab is a non-profit that is supported by listeners. Every time I listen, I always tell myself that I must send them money to support them. And I always forget. I really don’t consider myself a charitable person by any standard. If I can get something for free, I make sure I get it for free (and possibly more of it, for free). But with this amazing program, I am actually moved to want to give them money even when I absolutely don’t have to. The desire grew even more after this lovely Chris and Lisa episode (embedded below):

“Chris had a crush on Lisa. But how to woo her? He met her on a park bench in Chicago, handed her a stack of CD’s, and sent her off on an extremely specific mission. Did it work?”

When I was coming up with my 45things list, I knew this had to be on it. So, Goal #28 is to give money to RadioLab at least once a year. Today (11th December, 2012), I signed up to send money to them every month, which will hopefully continue way beyond my 45th birthday. I want them to keep making this wonderful program.

RadioLab Thank You_1
My proof: Goal #28 is to give money to RadioLab at least once a year

I am trusting that the auto debit from my bank account will work for the next 4+ years, so I am considering this goal completed. Yay! My first completed goal!


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