Goal #38 – Revamp Wardrobe (Phase 2): Shirts. 153 of them.

After trying on 32 pairs of pants in phase 1 of revamping my wardrobe, this time is “shirts” day. All kinds of shirts (button down shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, undershirts, long sleeves shirts, workout shirts, football jerseys, etc.) will be evaluated today.

“Shirts” day?

The good thing is, unlike pants, there is no need to try on every single shirt. I pretty much know how they fit. It’s more about assessing them on their age, condition, and fashionability. So the 1st step is to lay them all out and see how many shirts I actually have.

153 shirts. Spot the shirt for my goal #41. Hold a baby panda while wearing my panda t-shirt.


Here is the breakdown:

White undershirts: 28
Workout shirts: 7
Polo shirts:  20
t-shirts: 34
Long sleeve shirts: 6
Button down shirts: 50
Jerseys: 7
Total: 153

I am not sure how many shirts an average guy owns, but 153 seems to be a rather high number. (But seriously, how many shirts do guys own??)

The whole weeding process did not take as long as I expected. But I must admit it was much harder to let go of shirts than pants. Do shirts have more personality than pants? I actually believe so. Well, they definitely have more patterns and colors than any of my pants! In any case, I still managed to weed out 46 shirts, which leaves me with 107. It still seems a bit much. How do you decide when to part way with your shirts?

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  1. I have recast many of my tee shirts as souvenirs and collectables. They remind me of the places and events they commemorate and as long as I have enough room for them, they can stay. Polo shirts, work blouses, and other work-related clothing is different. I went through them earlier this season and ditched those that were worn or faded, those whose color I didn’t like, and those I hadn’t worn for more than three years that don’t fall into the souvenir/collectable category.

    1. That’s a good idea! I definitely have more emotional attachment to T-shirts than all other kinds of shirts too.

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