Goal #38 – Completely revamp my wardrobe – Phase 1

Trying-on-pants Day

I am moving to a new apartment in less than a month’s time. Just thinking about all the packing, moving, and unpacking makes me want to throw everything away and start fresh at my new place. With this mindset, I decided that this would be a good time to begin the revamping my wardrobe project. Originally I was going to wait until I have reached my target weight (still a long way to go, and the huge fried chicken lunch I had at Brookville Hotel today is not helping it one bit), but I figure if the clothes don’t fit me now, they are definitely not going to fit me when I lose 30 more pounds.

Still it is a daunting project. So, today is just Phase 1 – a “trying on pants” day. I gathered up all my pants, and there were 32 pairs. I don’t think I have worn half of those in years. I have a bad (or good) habit of not throwing things away. Some really old clothes keep moving with me from countries to countries. I noticed that some of those pants were actually from the 90’s! Trying them on was actually quite fun.  They are so “laid back” and “relax”, I would look great in a boy band video. On some level, I wanted to keep at least one pair for any future costume parties.

After trying on all 32 pairs, I am keeping 14. The rest are going to Goodwill. I feel better about moving already. Phase 2 is going to be shirts.

I would like to work out a wardrobe system of just keeping a certain number of items for each season, and only buy a new item if I am prepared to throw away an old one. How often do you discard clothes? Or are you an accumulator like me?


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  1. I used to be a really bad accumulator. Now every year during Christmas break I go through my closet and throw out anything that I haven’t wore in a year. I cheat sometimes though and if it’s a favorite item but didn’t wear it I’ll still keep it (this can definitely be dangerous if you do it too often though).

    1. That’s an excellent idea. I really need to start doing that!

  2. I’ve never actually done it, but a good-sounding wardrobe system is to hang up all of your clothes in your closet, with the hangers on backwards (hook towards you). Then, go through the season, and each time you wear something, hang it back up with the hanger going the regular way. At the end of the season, anything that is still on a backwards hanger can be removed (unless it’s a occasion-piece, like a good tux. of course).

    1. How clever! 🙂

  3. Been culling my wardrobe the last few months, after I lost weight — gave away 4 bags or so. I always says, I can only have as many clothes as I have hangers, except I have clothes that are folded, too. I definitely still keep a few stuff that I just can’t part with yet. Some I actually had altered when I was in the Philippines. Some, I keep in case I need them for work, if I end up working in a less casual environment. I have to say that saving old clothes has saved me some money because I am now using (or will be using) some of the old clothes. Unfortunately, I am gaining back my weight. But I’m not allowed to buy new clothes, though, especially not big clothes.

    1. Weight change is always an issue. My weight used to fluctuate a lot. An I know my weight will change (hopefully it will keep going down), so right now, I don’t even want to spend money on anything nice. I think I need to come up with a strategy in buying clothes for the next year or so.

  4. My brother is a(n) (extreme) minimalist. He keeps a very specific (and small) number of items in his closet. If he buys one item then he gets rid of one, like you said. Overall I like the idea as I am a clothes hoarder. He is a bit extreme for me but definitely something for me to aspire to as I try to minimize my life. Good luck figuring out a system that works for you!

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