My biggest culinary mistake

Goal #7. Dine at Noma (Chef René Redzepi), Copenhagen, Denmark

Entrance to Noma.

In 2009, I had the perfect opportunity to try René Redzepi‘s Noma Restaurant, which has been voted as the best restaurant in the world for many consecutive years. I was going to Copenhagen to present a paper at the International Conference on Screenwriting Research. But then I made the biggest culinary mistake so far in my life – I didn’t make my reservation for Noma immediately after I booked my flight. I waited. The restaurant would take reservation up to 3 months ahead. I waited one week too long. When I finally tried to book a table for one (2 months and 3 weeks ahead of time) , it was completely full. Ugh! Lesson learned.

‘Dessert of Flowers’ made with elderflower mousse, rose hip meringue, violet syrup, thyme fluid gel, and skyr sorbet.


So, what’s the big deal about this place? Take a look at this video of Chef Redzepi showing us how to cook an egg:


While people debate whether culinary art is really “Art”, I do see Redzepi as an artist. Going to Noma would be like going to an art film. I expect it to be challenging and stimulating, and not everyone’s cup of tea. At about 400 euros per person for the full menu + wines, it’s definitely not for everyone. It remains THE restaurant I most want to try. And I hope that when I go, I’ll get to go with people who will truly appreciate the experience. Anyone interested in joining me? 🙂 


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  1. I would so LOVE to experience culinary artistry such as this – but I’m guessing my veganism kinda puts a damper on that, huh? What about vegan restaurants – any of those that you know of that are amazing and worth traveling to? 🙂

  2. Melia,

    Ubuntu ( is the first vegetarian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star – ever, anywhere. Not only that, it is a restaurant + a yoga studio. On top of that, it is located in Napa Valley. I think that combo is unbeatable, don’t you?

    P.S. The restaurant is currently closed for a sabbatical, but will be re-opened in the spring. Enough time to start planning and saving! 🙂

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