Goal #11: Compete in a cooking contest – my recipe was a runner-up!

It really was a surprise! 6 years or so ago (wow, time really flew by fast), I knew nothing about cooking. Even though I loved eating, I could barely microwave right. But then I relocated to a small town in Kansas. With just a handful of restaurants, I decided to learn how to cook as a […]

Goal 11: Compete in a cooking contest – DONE!

Goal #11 Compete in a cooking contest – Done! Submitted this Chicken Stroganoff recipe to a contest.   INGREDIENTS – 1 tablespoons olive oil – 1 ½ lbs of Chicken breasts – Salt & Pepper – 2 teaspoons of Paprika – 1 large red onion, sliced – 1 tablespoon minced garlic – 1 cup of […]

Goal #36: Achieve and maintain ideal weight – ACHIEVED!!

Goal #36: Achieve and maintain ideal weight – ACHIEVED!! In 2011, I was 243lbs. Then I started yoga, and I started this project. The goal was get to within the healthy weight range of my height and frame, and the target weight was set at 185lbs (which was also my weight when I was in […]

About 3 months left!

It’s the beginning of 2017, and it’s about 3 months or so away from my 45th birthday, so this is a good time to have a review of my project so far. Of the 45 things: Completed: 30 Tango in Buenos Aires (completed: 18th March, 2016) See a football match at Estádio do Maracanã, Rio, […]

Goal #3 Tango in Buenos Aires and Goal #20 Be comfortable at at least one ballroom dance – DONE!

For Spring Break 2016 and my 44th birthday, I went to Buenos Aires and took 2 hours of tango lessons each day for 5 days. At the end, I was nowhere close to being good, but I was comfortable enough. I even danced at a Milonga! Here is my 3rd 1-sec everyday diary. From the […]

Goal 44: Have myself 3D Printed – DONE!!

The original goal was to “Have my portrait painted”. But I thought the goal seemed “so last century” and changed it to something a bit more current and decided to “Have myself 3D Printed”. I went to a place when I was in L.A. and had my image scanned. And here it is!! I’m going […]